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I am Tea, Holistic Coach, Healer, and Yoga, Meditation Teacher.

I am a former Corporate Office employer, but after discovering meditation and yoga, my goals and dreams took a new, even deeper direction in life.


We can always take the first step without seeing the whole staircase; even though how scary it might seem in the beginning. Open your heart and be true to yourself and your calling and to your chosen path; the wonders of life are awaiting.


Each day is a gift, a small life wrapped in one single day. While walking the journey of my own life and filing my own cup, I want to support and serve as many people as possible to the direction of their own hopes and dreams, goals and desires, a life filled with purpose and meaning.

I like spending my time discovering deeper connection within myself by doing yoga, meditating and singing kirtans (devotional spiritual chants), hiking, snowboarding, spending time in the nature or just going for a quiet walk or seeing a sunset; experiencing the wonders of life. Pets and animals are also the best thing I know to play with! I love, love traveling, meeting new people and cultures.

One of my greatest passions are kids and youth, I think children are the most precious future we have. I love teaching and being with kids with all my heart, and making them laugh and being loved is the most sweetest music I know!


If you feel the call to connect with me, I am sure I could support you on your own path, finding yourself by creating the heart connection you know that is there, waiting to be discovered again, and see what else this world has to offer you.

We are here to grow and support each other in order to heal those wounds we are still holding inside, letting the light and unconditional love in. It is ok to forgive yourself and let go of the past, focus on this moment and move forward.

We all have been given the gift of birth, let's celebrate that each and every day in our lives.



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I have been doing yoga with Tea for about a month and every time I finish a class with her I feel energized and centered. Tea is a great teacher and works with the pace of her students. In every class a new element is added to the yoga routine that makes the class fun.
She makes sure that I am able to follow the routine and also provides variations to the moves being done so that I can do what feels good for my body on that day.
Since joining this yoga class I have noticed a steady increase in my awareness towards finding a balance and connection between my mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend this class! :) 
“It was easy to be present after the healing session and I felt very light. Thank you for this experience.”
"Thank you so much for a very transformative healing session! I felt free and everything just seemed to go to its place naturally. There was present genuine love."
"I was surprised how powerful I experienced Sai Shakti Healing. The energy was flowing a lot. My mind and heart got tremendous amount of clarity.
I got a better connection to myself and I feel more stronger and grounded."

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