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This reading will bring you more clarity and depth in your daily life.

A person, who has found their Soul Plan, feels authentic happiness. Soul Plan Reading is a very effective way to discover your strengths (career, creativity, finances, spiritual talents and gifts). It helps you to understand and win all the challenges in your life, to achieve your full potential and fulfill the purpose of your life.


This reading will help you gain more awareness which will bring you freedom, comfort, healing, and clarity. Together we discover the special meaning of your birth name and what it means to you and get to know better your souls' plan. This method has its roots in the old hebrew gematry to analyze the meaning of life, and answer big questions like "Why am I here?".


Blue Marsden, the founder of Holistic Healing College in London, UK, and also the writer of Soul Plan - Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose has modernized this system invented originally by Frank Alper.


                                         ~ BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WOLRD ~ MAHATMA GANDHI